Back & Better!

Greetings Loves,

It has been a whole year and some change since I have logged on and wrote a blog! OmG! I really cant believe it has been that long, yet again I can. I have been living, doing all types of things! Enjoying, Exploring, And Loving life. This year (2016) has been mixed with different emotions that derived from different situations. Learning how to learn and learning how to decide to live, think, and be myself has been in the making this year. I like to call it cooking. I’ve been cooking up this year, haha!

I will be taking the time to write a blog at least twice a week on this site in particular,(loveallbyla). I am giving myself the chance to take a chance with Keeping it funky-all the way! You know, not hold back- at all! Plus I want to see the growth of my writing skills, I’ve always been good at it. Clever stories and such was always a must with my mother who is a teacher with a burst of creativity. Ironically my grammar I forever struggle with. Which was the other reason why I stopped blogging, or keeping my blogs mad short. Fact is I know I will improve all around with my writing, (blogs, poems, scripts,etc..) especially if I say so!!!

Okay I do feel like I’m somewhat all over the place but NOT really… 🙂 The next Blog will be more laid, slayed, and professional. (Whatever that means haha) I just had to post the current vibe that I’m in on my first Login. Back and Better just came to Mind for a subject title, all those who rock with me. LETS BE BACK & BETTER together. It’s time to BE and DO now,  look back if you must with a grin, then look forward and continue to WIN!

Love La

Stay Tune!



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