SPOT THE COME UPS WITH: Tray “Inspiring Truth”

What’s up Loves!

It is your girl La, here again with a SpotLight! A SpotLight in which I love to shine on those who are on the come up! It’s not everyday one bumps into a natural born leader. I say that with all honesty in knowing that many people aim or dream to lead but never do. Something must click! For this “click” of leadership sometimes it will click early on in life or,  for some it clicks in an organic manner. With all this being said I am proud to know this brother name Travon Lee Nicholson. Founder and CEO of Inspiring TRUTH. (Durham, NC)!!

THE FOLLWING IS AN INSERT FROM THEIR MISSION STATEMENT:  “Inspiring Truth is different from a lot of organizations because we were started by an individual vision without the financial backing of any other entity. Inspiring Truth is funded by the wonderful citizens of Durham who stand in agreeance and see that a change needs to come about. Inspiring Truth prides itself on going out in the streets in this community and showing everyone that we care about them and we want to make a change. Accolades is not what this organization is about we simply just want to see a major dent in the crisis of homelessness and with the help of all of you we will succeed and make a difference.”

Wow! Powerful right? Please read more of that and visit the site as soon as you have 7 minutes to glance and make a donation.

I LOVE to keep it funky on here, so I’m actually writing ahead before speaking with him. Although we spoke briefly yesterday I personally checked the site again today myself to get more information. I must say I am always amazed and truly touched on how many lives are being changed. It is even a better feeling when you know someone and their journey of once being the best rapper alive! (Lol) Which leads me to my list of questions for the brother. Let’s see if we can get in touch…




LA: When did you get the idea for Inspiring Truth?

Tray: “Inspiring Truth actually came about with my son. You know as a kid I was homelesffs. I remember those situations when I was homeless with my mother and my brother and having that type of feeling I never wanted anyone else especially another kid to feel that kind of experience. One day my son asked me why the homeless man was digging in the dumpster? Of course I had to explain to him why he was diggin through the trash. He asked me if we could give him all our food in the house, in our cabinets and refrigerator. Of course we couldn’t do that, so we gave him $10 and took him to Urban Ministires (homeless shelter). The look he had in his eyes, touched me. He said thank you and that he loved us. Two days after that day I was at the Secretary of State office filling out non profit Organization forms. It was formed January 15th, 2015”.

LA: How did your team come together?

Tray: “My team came together. Mike Brown which is my Vp, he has always been around even when I was thinking I was a rapper.  He was around and would let me use his laptop. He would always tell me what I should or shouldn’t do, his is a lifelong friend. Karema Blake we hit it off when I first started working for her at Nordstrom. She became a sister to me and I trust her with my money, well our money! (laughs) Amber Warren very trustworthy, she pushes so hard and keeps pushing and pushing from day one, she is my administrative assistant.  I have an amazing team.”

LA: Is it scary? Is it hard? What is the  Most Difficult?

Tray: “The most difficult part is having people around to trust. Everyone once seeing the pie, wants a piece of the pie. So I keep the people around me close, and I watch for predators and I watch for those who think I am prey. I stay away from all the negativity. Someone tells me I cant do it, I do it well and I Excel at it! Anytime someone tells me I cant do it.Which is why  Inspiring Truth is coming to the light and people are starting to see and be on board with the vision, I make it very clear! It’s not scary at all, its something I’ve always wanted to do. Now that I have the platform do that and people can continue to build off of that platform.”

LA: What is the most rewarding part?

Tray: “The most rewarding part of Inspiring Truth is being able to see people smile. Grateful for everything, even if its a blanket or a sandwhich in a brown paper bag. The people saying thank you, even if you don’t think your giving much, it means so much to them. I would have to say that’s the most rewarding!”

LA: Where Is Inspiring Truth in five years?

Tray: “We should have shelters and community centers in three different cities including Virginia. Also Inspiring Youth, just some things on my list. I cant give all of my recipe away! “(laughs).

LA: Explain how you decided to become a leader.

Tray: “I didn’t decide to be a leader, it decided itself for me. God decided I was a leader. No one can tell me what do! I cannot follow! I cant see myself following any man. The only man I follow is that higher being in the sky. I’m a leader by destiny! Its my fate to be a leader!”

LA: Why The Leader of Inpriring Truth?

Tray: “I decided Durham needed a healer. I wanted to be that guy. I wanted to be like a “Luke Cage” without the violence. Just wanted to show people a more positive way. You want to make money? Okay make money this way. You need a job? Okay let me help you fill out a job application. There are people 30 years old, who don’t know how to fill out applications for work. I just want to be that guy with a voice for the people!”


I truly hope after reading and getting a glimpse at this brother’s story, you too are Inspired! If you personally cant help those in need in your community, please help Tray and any other organizations that are helping  those in need. It is up to us as people to unite in love and not just help around Christmas but help all year round. Constant flow of energy in forms of giving benefits in more ways than just one. Meaning your not just giving, you are receiving as well. The transfer of energy is very powerful, and I encourage everyone to keep that in mind. Give in kindness.

It has been a pleasure to get all emotional and moved  as I transcribed the voice of my dear friend Tray of Inspring Truth! Please be sure to go visit like I mentioned when you have about 7 minutes to get more info and DONATE!! That’s… 

Thank you loves for your time,

Larrina Lala LaLove E.  ❤



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