Greetings Loves!

It is ya girl La, back at it again. Now before I dive in, I know it has been too long since my last blog. Since I promised weekly post I will at least write once a week, well share something every week.. I have recently learned you have to make time no matter how much time there really isn’t in a day. It seems like you have all the time to make plans and you do, but honesty really you don’t have the time. I dont want to spend much time on this subject but I do want to say one more thing…. “FEAR NOT! DREAM & LIVE THEM!” Don’t waste time existing in fear. With all that being said, I am going to do things hard right now. Fact- I am “hard” right now. Things I know I am capable of, yet let in the past would let fear get in the way. Such as start a business, begin a movie production, and change relationships status. God has been so good in my life and I am going hard!


I am starting this Kickstater to see where my support is. I appreciate all  help, grateful for this experience. I understand people have lives and it may be a bit much to give anything. I get it, however if you can help support a vision/ dream please do so. This project will help and inspire people, I can feel it. Please take the time to visit the Kick Starter Page. I have attached the information. Im going to close this with a nice big THANK YOU!! Lets make magic!!


Until next time!

XOXO #teamseason

Larrina Lala Ellison

La ❤


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