It’s All The Energy! Part 1!

Greetings Loves!

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has taken time to stop by and read this post, it is my goal to explore and explain why Money (in my opinion) is aka Energy. For as long as I can remember the expression “It’s All About The Money!” has been programmed into my brain. I would see my father as a young girl wake up early (4:30am) to deliver newspapers, sometimes even I would be with him if he drove me to school. He would then go off to his second job and work! On those mornings my dad would explain the importance of hard work and what happens after we work- we get rewarded with money! He explained to me that without money, you can’t make it in this world. One of my dad’s favorite quotes (which is now one of mines) -” Someone has my money in their pocket, and I going to get it!” With this being said you cannot do anything with out “Money”, and unfortunately that is a fact! Fortunately you can however channel your energy into Money. – if you don’t understand this now, hopefully you will understand once you finish reading this series. To be completely honest this understanding of money being energy is quite new to me as well. Which is why I am so excited to be exploring and sharing my experience with everyone.

I just want to acknowledge the fact that I have always had the idea that, well believed in the idea that money actually does grow on trees. Going back to my story as a young girl, knowing the importance of money,  I also developed a sense of abundance (maybe because I wasn’t seeing the money physically). Just knowing that my dad worked hard and that he had money, made me in return feel like I had money and could have anything I want. For the most part that attitude I adopted as a child generated plenty of “energy” for me- I got what I wanted most of the time…  I was shocked if I didn’t get my way. Over the years, all grown up now I have been faced with many situations where I lost that “abundance” attitude and found myself in negative energy- (debt).

The main idea I want to introduce and really stress into the series, is that money is far more than a physical property. You can have a car that has been sitting in your yard, old jewerly and it be worth some money or just happen to know valuable information that is worth money. Money is a source- an energy source.

Until later…

Keep it Funky!

La ❤


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