It’s All About The Energy! Part 2! 

What’s up Loves!!

First off, as always thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This one in particular! I hope you enjoy! For some time now I have been loving this idea of “Money being nothing more than Energy,” so much that I had to make this idea into a blog series! Now I am no expert as of yet regarding obtaining psychical wealth in forms of large sums of Money, so it may seem weird to some people that I am discussing this topic over a blog series. I totally get it, and would love to take this time to fully explain my intentions of this; “It’s All About The Energy’ series.

I am a STRONG believer in the LAW of ATTRACTION! In funky terms: “What you think is what you get & how you feel becomes real”!- Lala E. It’s my goal and intention to shed light on this topic while embracing the “Law Of Attraction.”- and remembering GOD’s promise, That’s all! 

Has anyone ever told you that they would be giving you some money? Whether that be “just because”or because they actually owe you that Money back. Do you recall that feeling you felt just off hearing you would be receiving some Money? Did you feel good? This is the principle I want to focus on. Feeling! The feeling of MONEY. It’s hard to put my finger all the way on it, but I’m hoping that at the end of this series I can provided better details on what “MONEY” feels like.

The point is, you can feel it! Either way, if you are rich,poor, or in between. You can feel it! Of course you can physical feel Money, but I’m hoping you understand me when I talk about the “feeling’. The Money feeling of feeling that feeling! (lol). Note sure if you experienced the feeling??  EXERCISE: Take out a 5 dollar bill and give it to random stranger. Make it more fun and raise it to a ten dollar bill, take a moment just see how you feel after you take that action. Note that feeling on paper.

Based off your results from the previous exercise, it will show you a clear way of how you really feel about Money. So much so as a helpful guide to see where your mind is on the scale of Money aka “energy”. There’s so much to cover I feel like on this subject, I don’t feel the need to make this blog post super long. I just want to direct your thought vibrations to the fact that there is a direction of thought regarding vibrations about Money… Before I get ahead myself, I am signing off with LOVE! Thank you for reading! ♥♥♥

Until next time…
Keep It Funky!
Lala @loveallbyla♥


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