It’s All About The Energy- Part 3!

Greeting Loves,

As always thank you for reading my blog would love to drop an excerpt from “It’s All About The Energy Pt 2 before I begin, I wont have you long. 

I am a STRONG believer in the LAW of ATTRACTION! In funky terms: “What you think is what you get & how you feel becomes real”!- Lala E. It’s my goal and intention to shed light on this topic while embracing the “Law Of Attraction.”- and remembering GOD’s promise, That’s all! – part 2 

The goal of this particular blog is to confirm the actual findings of my research. First of all I started really believing the flow of energy would come my way. I really started becoming the energy I wanted to become. Understanding more and more each day my worth and the importance of feeling “my best”. Long story short just a few days ago I was blessed with an investor that is going to produce my short film. I am beyond excited and thrilled for this opportunity. I truly believe that it is an extension from my energy, and new mindset regarding money-“energy”! I think I’m on to something. I know I have so much work to do, so much to be done and to be worried about money can’t be in the way. I can not make it an issue that creates a block in my life. 

As I also said in one of the previous post of this series blog “It’s All About The Energy, what you feel becomes real. You must believe and feel that what it is you want to be real. I will explain more as I continue to grow on this topic. I feel as if I am on a great start. We shall see… 

until next time loves,

P.s send me your personal testimonials, I encourage you don’t be scared 🙂


La ❤ 


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