Move Forward Correctly- 2018!!

Sup Loves!

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog(s)! There’s so much going on in the world as we all know. Besides #45 being the president of our country (the United States Of America) and turning everything into shit… (at least trying) There’s so much craziness going on! To bring my point to a head, put aside the outside world, you have your own. Inside your world is where you live and express yourself according to your standards and definition of life! Here in your world your thrive or “die” for lack of better words! The hard truth is, if your not “living” then what are you doing? (The walking dead is a hit show for a reason!) So I ask you, in your world are you fighting “zombies” or doing “cartwheels eating cupcakes”? Both are possible!

As you think on that, I would like to bring up a few tips before we enter into a brand new span of a year! Just patiently waiting for us to fill it with expression and overall experience! A lot of us tend to point out the negative which sometimes can mostly be mistaken as the “obvious”. Which is one of the biggest mistakes to begin with. When knowing situations and circumstances are temporary and all things have a season, you won’t ever focus on present negative persons, situations, or circumstances.

It’s a lot to take in and really understand at first because for most of us we complain or make pre judgment calls such as (“ no fake people around me, etc”), when all we really want is to be happy, be positive and experience positive things with positive people. The sad thing however is when in life we “learn” a lesson the wrong way. We plant a seed and grow it the wrong way. Go with me real quick…

Any seed that you plant will in fact grow. If you water it and upkeep it will grow and be strong! If you neglect your plant if will surly die. However the beauty of plants is that if caught in time they can be revived and brought back to LIFE!

When you water your plant” yourself” with positivity, love, peace and respect you will see the best benefits you could possibly see. You will feel the best way you possibly could feel . The simplest way to grow and move forward is to only water in positivity. The opposite will only attract opposite energy, negativity!

So to really sum things up and point out the steps to really move forward correctly into next year 2018!

  1. Block bad thoughts- you can’t help the thoughts that come your way, but you can control if you think more than 2 seconds about them! Block it!
  2. Say it out loud- speak positive affirmations out loud and proud! Example: I am blessed! I am whole minded! I am joy, peace, and love!
  3. Speak only positive things- don’t speak about anything you don’t want to happen. It will only come straight to you. Watch how you speak of others, it has away of tapping you back on the shoulder. The more positive things you say, the more positive you begin to feel and see!
  4. Feel good- you must feel good for any good thing to truly come to light. What you feel is real!

I truly hope this little list helps. I’m practicing this myself, I believe it’s so important! I know what it is like to live in a certain way. To think in a certain way I should say. It’s such a pleasure to explore and be more!

Always feel free to love yourself more! It’s up to you to create you life! Create and move forward correctly!

Love you all!

Until next time!



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