Spot The Come Up’S With: DJ G “NO KILL MLK DAY!

Sup Loves!

I just love shining light on folks! Which brings me to one of my favorites!

I’m so excited to share this amazing new song and dope visual! Proud to say that my fiance is an INCREDIBLE person and artist! He is working on something so special that I believe the people will love and overall it’s a project that people need to experience.

I was able to get to talk to him briefly about this particular song.  Also to see what he plans to do next, what the people can expect from him.

Interview with DJ G January 15th, 2018

LA: “Hi Thank you for your time. So,  DJ G  where did this song “NO KILL MLK” come from? Was there any inspiration?”

DJG: “Yes, thank you. The idea was sparked by my father. He suggested if a video would go viral… from there I wrote the song. Here we are.”

LA: “How long did it take to write this song?”

DJ G: “It took me about two weeks “total”. ”

LA: “Did you make the beat?”

DJ G: “No I didn’t make the actual beat, it was programmed by DJ Eric. But ultimately produced by me.”

LA: “I like the visual that you have for the song. I see it is a 2 Eyephone Production. What was your role creatively on the visual?”

DJ G: “I gathered source video, also designed the MLK logo myself. As you can tell I’m also a graphic design artist. (lol) Basically, I played the role of predator. Producer/editor.”

LA: “What can people expect next from you? Any special announcements?”

DJ G: ” Well, up next is the release and promotion of “The Device Era” my album. No Kill MLK is on that album. I have an upcoming show in February. I will be on the 1’s and 2’s.”

LA:  “Thank you so much for your time!”

DJG: “Ayye, anytime, it was my pleasure!”


I just love being able to interview my baby! He’s so dope, I always feel blessed and truly honored!

Check out DJ G’S latest Single & Visual below! “NO, KILL MLK!”

As always, thank you for reading and stopping by!



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